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This website will be discontinued. Please visit our new website, Chebio Biotechnology Ltd: 

Our mission

Applied Liposome Research Laboratory's mission is to serve suffering sick people by developing innovative and safe liposomal formulations of drugs  for targeted drug delivery. 

Our vision
The Applied Liposome Research Laboratory want to build up strong scientific potential on the field liposomal nanodrug research and through translational research activity want to participate in the drug development programs of our industrial partners.
Why liposomes ?

Liposomal formulation of the drugs is a  new revolutionary and innovative  technology providing 

- quick and cheaper drug development (fast track or ANDA filing)

- reformulation of cytosatics and other highly toxic drugs in order to strongly reduce the toxicity and improve PK and bioavailabity (improved ADME/Tox)

- targeted delivery of drugs to hypoxic and inflamatory areas 

- more effective drug delivery for topical applications (skin, eye etc)

- opportunity to save drug candidates displaying bad ADME/Tox properties in early ADME/Tox screening of molecular libraries.

We are looking for                                                NEW  !
Service representative partners in USA, Europe and Japan.

What can we offer ?

Research collaboration:  joint grant applications in the field of intracellular targeting, development of non-immunogenic liposome formulations, formulations for oral, topical and trans blood brain barrier applications, nanoreactors and liposome based artificial cells. 

For industrial partners on fee for service basis 

- laboratory scale custom designed liposomal formulation

- scale up to pilot scale manufacturing

- empty liposomes for research purpose

 - imunnotoxicology testing of liposomes (our USP)

 -development of liposome based assays. 

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