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siRNA encapsulation or nanoreactors ?

We have an interesting discussion on the topic in linkedin

We are seeking collaborating partner

We are looking for clinical collaborators  to get access to serums of patients who had life threating circulation complication induced by the Doxil/Caelyx therapy (CARPA). We have plenty of ELISA data showing that the serum of these reactive patients displays complement activation after in vitro incubation with Doxil. Serums from nonreactive patients are negative in the in vitro test. Unfortunately ELISA is not accepted for clinical laboratory tests. 

The planned endpoint of our ongoing research is development of a simple clinical test which may predict the pathological Doxil reactivity. We are interested in any form of collaboration (joint publication, screening etc). In the case interest please contact us.

 You may follow our activity on the linkedin as well 

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