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Our research profile

We prepare liposomes by extrusion method. Our liposomes are highly monosdisperse and the size of depends on the experimental design. We can vary the main diameter size from 65 nm to 200 nm. For loading the liposomes by drug candidates or other small molecules we use remote loading method. The size of the liposomes is measured by DLS method, the entrapped content by optical methods or HPLC. Lipid content of the preparation is established by total phophorus measurement. 

Our research also concerned with infusion reactogenic properties of the liposomes. Likely the size, the surface charge and the chemistry influences the reactogenicity. The initial step of infusion reaction is the activation of the complement cascade.  In collaboration with SeroScience Ltd we are researching new formulation where complement inhibitor proteins will be attached to the surface of the liposomes.

Extension of our research scope

 We are looking for collaborative research partners, which are interested in

- intracellular targeting liposomes to mitochondria

- Interaction of liposomes with the raft/caveolar system

- crossing the blood-barrier by means of liposmes

- liposomes in th treatment of neurodegenerative disseses

- engineering of nanoreactors.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

Design of experiments is the most powerful tool for developing scalable liposomal formulation in the lab. We identified the critical parameters (active factors) of our extrusion based technology by factor screening (manuscript in preparation) . Also we currently optimizing our technology by D optimization method. For short description of DOE principles see Wikipedia. Detailed knowledge can find in handbooks as for instance Pharmaceutical Experimental Design by Lewis, Mathieu and Phan-Tan-Luu.

Liposome size measured by DSL

Exchange of outside media

Monitoring of the exchange by ionselective electrode 

Monitoring of loading by fluorescence autoquenching


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